Get Brad Pitt and George Clooney on twitter

Brad Pitt George Clooney

You’ve heard about Brad Pitt’s super promotion efforts for ‘Moneyball’ and Clooney’s festival spree for ‘Ides of March’, but what you didn’t hear is what they had to say about it online.

In an era where social media interconnects with daily life, millions use phones to browse the web, and our days begin with emails, it seems almost ridiculous that these two superstars are still not connecting to fans online. When it takes Charlie Sheen a mere 24 hours to go from zero to 1 million fans why do Brad Pitt and George Clooney stay away?

I can think of some incredibly good reasons for both actors to join twitter for example, and I hope that somehow, somewhere, someone will let them know the benefits.

Good reasons for Pitt & Clooney to join Twitter

1. Promote movies
2. Get in touch with fans
3. Help advocate good causes
4. Raise money though online networks from donors around the world
5. Campaign for important issues and gather support
6. Organize elaborate pranks and set off a media frenzy
7. Vent fumes about how bad the blackberry outage was
8. Share thoughts on why Lake Como is just way better than Malibu
9. Gloat about who has the more peculiar pet animal at home
10. Send each other love tweets

So with that said, I hope to see more public figures including Brad and George at least signing up to twitter. It only takes 5 seconds to write an update. 5 whole seconds. I can’t get more than one mouthful of cereal in that time.