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Wes Anderson announces his latest film Isle of Dogs (and Ed Norton hijacks it)

Film director Wes Anderson has announced his new animation film ‘Isle of Dogs’ which is…

London to host historic first ever live-streamed feature length movie

This live-streamed film is about to make history.

‘Collateral Beauty’ London Premiere Live

Will Smith joins the cast and crew of 'Collateral Beauty' in London. Live Feed

Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton just had their worst box office opening ever

This movie grossed a total of £245 in its opening weekend in the UK.

Lucy Rayner story to become a documentary

Fact Not Fiction Films to tell the Lucy Rayner story in a documentary.

‘A Dark Reflection’ to Red Carpet on Flix Premiere

Fact Not Fiction Films has confirmed that their feature film ‘A Dark Reflection’ is set…

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