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The Dim Future of Film – Sharknado!


‘Sharknado’ a sign of the dim future to come?

If this film has seriously been produced then I believe it represents the dim future of film. Someone please tell us that this is a joke or a market research exercise.

Just sitting through the trailer is punishment enough. The word that comes to mind is ‘reaching’. The general gist is that a tornado carries sharks from the ocean and assists the sharks in moving on land by propelling them from the tornado around the skies, and through flood waters from the ocean. The sharks them randomly fly into people to attack them. People arm themselves with an array of garden and electrical tools, with the odd gun here and there, to ensure that they aren’t attacked by a flying shark.

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Logically though, if they just stood to one side and allowed the shark to land then it would be easier and less messy, purely because sharks can’t walk or run. If they could walk or run then they wouldn’t need a giant tornado to carry them around and facilitate their attack.

Oh and the cheesy reference to Kansas is a long way from a giant tornado, a glistening pair of red shoes and a sweet song. Maybe there is a common thread though, the obvious need to find a heart and a brain. Courage is apparent in the fact that the film was actually made.

If this is the future of movies, reading more books seems more appealing!