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The Academy has announced Nicholl Fellowship winners


The Academy has announced the Nicholl Fellowship winners for the Screenwriting competition. The competition encourages screenwriting talents to put their skills to the test and the rewards help the recipients expand their knowledge and perfect their craft. Each winner receives a total of $35,000 and support with their progression in this field.

This year a total of 7,197 entries were received and the winners are:

  • Nikole Beckwith (NY) for “Stockholm, Pennsylvania”
  • Sean Robert Daniels (South Africa) for “Killers”
  • James Dilapo (NY) for “Devils at Play”
  • Allan Durand (LA) for “Willie Francis Must Die Again”
  • Michael Werwie (CA) for “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile”

It is important to know that even if you do not win the competition, you are still presented with an opportunity for your script to be read by Industry Professionals, and a separate opportunity may arise. In a letter of sent to the Academy one entrant said,

“as a young writer with no contacts in the film industry, the competition got my script read – something I couldn’t have accomplished on my own… Thanks to your competition, I now have a script optioned and several people waiting for my next screenplay… I hope your readers and judges realize what a wonderful service they’re doing for tomorrow’s writers.”

So try to remember that your desired outcome can present itself in many different ways!