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James Franco issues warning to ‘Spring Breakers 2’ cast & crew

James Franco has issued a brutal warning to anyone getting involved with the upcoming sequel to 'Spring Breakers'.

May 15, 2014 3:55 PM

Vanessa Hudgens Talks about ‘Threesome’ Sex with James Franco

Threesome sex in 'Spring Breakers' Vanessa Hudgens talks about the threesome sex scene with James Franco and Ashley Benson in…

November 16, 2012 10:49 PM

Can James Franco make a successful music career with this video?

James Franco recently featured in a new music video with Kalup Linzy, but does the former Oscar host, and Spider-man…

July 1, 2011 12:12 PM

Preview : Rise of the Planet of the Apes

James Franco stars in 20th Century Fox's 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' which is promising to be one…

June 26, 2011 6:34 PM

Shock drop in Oscar ratings, Anne Hathaway & James Franco to blame?

Are Anne Hathaway & James Franco to blame for the Oscar ratings fall? Do we need a Billy Crystal or…

February 28, 2011 9:55 PM

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