Tag: Controversial

Jean-Claude Van Damme responds to Cecil the Lion outrage

Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme has issued a letter to his fans following the disgraceful…

Film emerges of the Queen practicing Nazi salute

A film has emerged showing the Queen at a young age doing a Nazi salute.

Everyone is laying into Gawker but what about the Sony abuse?

Several publishers including Gawker revealed leaked Sony emails and their contents with complete disregard for…

Film director Cameron Crowe accused of whitewashing Hawaii

'Aloha' movie makes the population of Hawaii appear 99% white according to the Media Action…

Johnny Depp faces up to 10 years in jail

The actor may also have to pay the maximum $265,000 fine.

UN Human Rights Chief condemns Katie Hopkins & UK media hate speech

The UN Human Rights Chief has asked the UK to get tough on tabloid hate…

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