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This is the sweetest thing Emma Watson has said this year

Emma Watson made another historic speech at the Britannia Awards in honor of her late hamster.

Accepting the prize for ‘British Artist of the Year’ in Los Angeles, Emma Watson made one of her sweetest remarks yet and told the story of Millie, the ‘Harry Potter hamster’ that died.

In her speech, she highlighted how the set decorators had made a velvet lining and silver plaque for the hamster during filming. The actress also gave thanks to the British film industry, which she called her surrogate family.


Emma Watson at the Britannia Awards – Copyright BBC America

It’s another touching moment from Emma Watson this year following her highly praised UN address back in September. Although the topic may be less serious, her ability to charm the audience was definitely noted. The Britannia Awards aired on November 2nd via BBC America.

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