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Sony will have to launch disciplinary action against execs

Sony Pictures simply can’t pretend that the Amy Pascal/Scott Rudin debacle was an isolated incident. Second, it can’t just sit there and ignore the serious problem these hacked emails have exposed on internal culture and the way people are being dealt with at the highest level.

Sony is a global brand. It has a moral duty to impose proper practices at all its operations especially on the communications front because the way people conduct themselves is equally important, and if things go wrong they have to be transparent.

These hacked emails showed two individuals making some very insensitive comments about people all the way to the President. How will that impact other employees or influence them? What does that say about Sony as a company and the way it conducts its business? It’s very unfortunate this conversation took place under the Sony brand, whereas it should have remained in a private discussion on external email clients at the least.

Of course, this hack was a terrible thing and we shouldn’t be punishing people at Sony directly because of it, but the hack has also demonstrated some serious breaches of ethics in the company. It’s damaging to allow this attitude to continue, and even worse to ignore it now that so many are aware of it.

Some have argued in the forums and on other news sites that Amy Pascal should resign, while in contrast people don’t want her to be punished because of a hack on comments that were only meant to be private. She apologized, and so did Rudin. They acknowledged the mistakes but it’s going to be a hard sell to leave it at that when other people in the film industry see the truth for themselves.

How are others going to react? These emails really did expose their true natures. That’s the worst part. Apologizing for being who you are is not convincing anyone, and that’s been one of the main criticisms from people reacting to this hack.

Sony is a great company, they build world class products and produce excellent films but this hack, as unfortunate as it is, has had repercussions, and now action has to be taken. It’s also a wakeup call for others who need to review this closely because company emails are no longer seen as private and as you can see, they’ve been published in full on many news sites this past week. No single company is really ready to deal with this kind of mess but it will likely happen again.