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Robert Redford’s calls for action against Fracking


Robert Redford wants change

Robert Redford, award winning Director and actor, has made advertisements in support of the anti-fracking orgnaisations who are working to combat the industrial practices of fracking.  In collaboration with Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, director Josh Fox and actress Debra Winger, several ads have been produced and will start airing today.

Fracking is a process whereby chemically-induced liquids are injected directly into deep underground rock in order to extract natural gas and oil.

Although the relevant Government Organisations say that there is no evidence of environmental damage to which fracking can be associated, Redford is adamant that it is a highly contaminating process and says,

“It turns out that fracking for gas threatens drinking water supplies, contaminates the air and contributes to climate change.” He then added, “To make matters worse, the gas industry plans to ship much of our shale gas overseas, as we shoulder all the environmental and public health risk.”

You can view the first of the series of ads here:

More and more celebrities are getting involved in the Fight Against Fracking including Mark Ruffalo, Yoko Ono,  Richard Gere, Alec Baldwin – just to name a few. A website has been created by Film, Music and TV Professionals where you can see the tremendous support for the Anti-Fracking Campaign.