Rick Gorka, Romney spokesman shouts “Kiss my ass” to reporters

Mitt Romney kiss my ass incident

“Kiss my ass” goes viral

It has the qualities of a movie parody, it’s offensively hilarious, and it’s of course no one else but Rick Gorka, Mitt Romney’s Spokesman who tonight enters the hall of fame.

The press are having a frenzy over a highly inappropriate comment caught on camera as Mitt Romney’s Spokesman told reporters to “shove it’ and “kiss my as” before stating that the site they were standing in was “holy”.

Romney was walking to his motorcade when reporters fired out several questions. One journalist had told Gorka that she had not had the opportunity to ask questions when he fired back.

It is not yet known whether the press secretary will face any disciplinary action, but the comments do not give a positive image to Romney’s overseas campaign that has been marked by several gaffes. The most notable was Romney’s own comments about the London 2012 Olympics which were rebuked by the Mayor and the Prime Minister.

Gorka has called the two reporters in question and apologized.