After Paris March, Internet asks “Where was Obama?”

The historic Unity March this afternoon in Paris brought together the biggest public attendance in the history of France, and with over 40 world leaders present, Americans have been wondering why Obama didn’t show up.

The media has already defined the Paris March as the most significant public gathering since the liberation of the capital in 1944 from Nazi occupation. Over 3 million people in France took part in standing for liberty and freedom, with wide international support, many world leaders, civil rights activists and media personalities joining in.

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At one point, some Americans began apologizing for Obama on social media for not being in Paris. To make matters worse, Eric Holder, who was supposed to attend the march didn’t show up nor did John Kerry make any appearance in Paris to the detriment of America’s image as a strong ally of Europe, according to critics.

While President Obama went to the French Embassy in Washington to show American unity with France, that hasn’t stopped a growing chorus of people asking why on earth the President felt it necessary to not show up in Paris where it mattered most. A trend on Twitter has started with humor and frustration in response to his no show : #ReasonsObamaMissedFranceRally


Have you seen Obama recently? What do you think of America’s lack of presence in Paris today?