New Batman pic shows Ben Affleck may have back pain – here’s why

There is something quite unsettling about the new Batman pic showing Ben Affleck flexing in his new muscular suit.

If you take a closer look at Affleck’s posture, you can see the actor stooping ever so so slightly as he raises his arms. Whether this is a pose or in-action shot is hard to tell, but it doesn’t look comfortable.

You will see in this brighter still image below that affleck’s shoulders are fairly straight, and somewhat rigid while his head is bent a little too forward for that to be natural or a desired way to walk.

Perhaps the way the suit is made makes it hard for the actor to stand straight given its size or that he wanted to re-create a somber superhero contemplating his next step by enacting a posture like this. However, the suit itself, towards the back of the neck is fairly thick, and almost too big for the actor’s body to be proportionate.

Of course, we have to accept there is an element of superhero fantasy and audiences want to see a tough, caped crusader in some rock-solid armor, but it certainly doesn’t look like he’s going to enjoy wearing it too long.

Affleck isn’t the first actor to feel ‘the pain’ of the Bat-suit. This lightly humored trailer depicting George Clooney’s outing in the widely panned ‘Batman and Robin’ illustrates the limitations he faced.

Will Affleck need a massage after this movie?

Iain Alexander

Founder - Film Industry Network


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