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Mia Farrow’s attack on the Golden Globes was totally unnecessary

It was the perfect moment for Mia Farrow to get back at Woody Allen, and she waited until he was getting the Lifetime Achievement Award before she would launch her attack.

Why did she not issue a statement before the ceremony about Woody Allen? why did she not tweet about the allegations, or indeed let the media know that the Lifetime Achievement Award was inappropriate for him, given his alleged past abuse?

In fact if she had done so, we would have reported on it, and the Golden Globes would have then had to weigh in on the decision, and make a statement before the ceremony. But instead of doing that respectfully, it was necessary for her to sour the mood of the entire awards show, to attack it, ridiculing Diane Keaton who picked up the award for him, and put her anger in the face of everyone else attending.

Now I totally deplore any kind child molestation and fully support her views on how that should be condemned and punished, however to make her public attack at that moment when so many good people in this industry are being recognized for their work, is really selfish and totally unnecessary. The way I see it, It’s like saying the Golden Globes endorses child molestation by giving an award to Woody Allen, and everyone else accepting one should be giving theirs back.

People may not agree with me on how to deal with this, but if you’ve got some serious issues about an award being given to someone who’s done something deplorable, that should be made abundantly clear as early as possible. In fact, the Golden Globes may have even decided to cancel the award all-together for Woody Allen and the show would have gone on without this downward remark.

I just hope that her comments don’t devalue the Golden Globes, because there are some really positive things about this show which gives people that recognition and support.