Kathryn Bigelow vs Osama Bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty


Kathryn Bigelow takes on Osama

The whole world will be watching as the story of Bin Laden’s capture is released to the public in December in a film called “Zero Dark Thirty”. Academy Award winning Director Kathryn Bigelow, has risen to the challenge of directing a movie about the events leading to the death of the world’s most notorious terrorist. 

For years we were all taken on political, and often emotional, meanderings with the world’s media in the hunt for Bin Laden.  Then suddenly, he was killed, apparently buried at sea or cremated or …? and the matter was simply swept aside like dust on the front porch.

To date we have been provided very little information about the capture of Bin Laden, the events leading up to it and how exactly he was found.  Can we hope to be better informed after watching “Zero Dark Thirty?” Bigelow is:“insistent that the film focuses more on the unsung heroes who captured Bin Laden and she says there is no political agenda present, not even a depiction of the President.”

Bigelow has stated,

“This is an amazing story about the triumph of will, dedication, and duty,”

Bigelow wrote to Anthony Breznican of Entertainment Weekly.

“[It’s] about the real life heroes in the intelligence community who worked behind the scenes day and night on what was perhaps the toughest assignment of their lives. As such, it’s a story that needs to be told respectfully.”

Controversy has surrounded the film’s research, with Government officials and Judicial Watch questioning whether classified documents were provided to Bigelow by the Obama administration. This has not been proven and no further investigation has been made public.

In an interview with Anthony Breznican, the screenwriter, Mark Boal says,

“I wanted to know what it was like to be the person responsible for hunting bin Laden, what that life was like,” he says.

“The only way to really answer that is to talk to people who do it.” (Asked if he interviewed Obama, Boal laughs and says, ”Next.”) and adds, “”It’s an ensemble of covert-ops teams — ground branch [field agents], case officers, spies, analysts, and operators,” says Boal. ”I’m fascinated by people who dedicate themselves to really difficult and dangerous things for the greater good.”

So it appears that we will see the first, of probably many, films about the rise and fall of Bin Laden.  This film appears to be an excellent start to the process though and will probably contribute to a few of our unanswered question.

“Zero Dark Thirty” will be released in December this year. You can view the trailer below.

Zero Dark Thirty trailer