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Iconic: Walt Disney will be played by Tom Hanks


Walt Disney comes to life

It has been announced that Walt Disney will be played by Tom Hanks in the new film ‘Saving Mr Banks’. 

The film is based on the experiences of Walt Disney when he worked with PL Travers on the making of the film adaptation of her book ‘Mary Poppins, a film which later become a movie classic.  Emma Thompson plays Travers in the film.  Other cast members include Colin Farrell, Paul Giamatti, Jason Schwartzman and Rachel Griffiths.

In an interview with e-online, Hanks said, “I don’t want to upset anybody off. I want to be accurate, more than anything else. John Lee Hancock is the director, and it’s really the story of Emma Thompson more than it’s about me, so, you know, I don’t want to screw up,”

In preparing for this role Hanks spent time at the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco where he watched ‘every piece of film’, visited all the exhibits, listened to every relevant audio tape available and acquired 39 hours of informal interviews with Walt Disney. Hanks commented that,” it’s one thing to see him [Walt Disney]when he talks on TV but another thing to get him when he’s just having a conversation.”

Hanks summed up his experience of being privileged in being able to absorb Disney’s life by saying,” He’s [Walt Disney] a fascinating guy, because what we have is this benevolent animator who would introduce us to his cartoon characters. But what he was, was very tough, competitive and a very loyal businessman that invented an art form that is still going great guns today,”

Filming started in September in Los Angeles and is due for release in the UK & US in December 2013.