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Film based on Michael Hutchence in development

Michael-Hutchence-film-2012It has been confirmed that a film will be made about the life of Michael Hutchence, the lead singer of INXS.  

The untimely death of the singer left the world in absolute shock at a time when the band was at its peak. Their timeless hits and charged performances set an international standard in the music industry and were revered alongside bands such as U2.

In an interview with the ABC Radio, Bobby Galinsky (screenwriter) said “It is a big task, I’ve been a writer for 35 years and this is something I’ve wanted to do for over a decade and everything has now come together with it.”  He added that,” We’d like to start in his childhood and what made the man, then the evolution of when he got into INXS and how that transformed him, and then of course his personal life.”

Hutchence’s personal life will be of particular interest to audiences due to the singer’s reputation for having numerous affairs, including with singer Kylie Minogue.  It has also remained a mystery as to the reason for his suicide in 1997, with many people not being convinced that he took his own life.  The film will hopefully provide insights into the true man behind the entertainer and the possible reasons for this tragic loss.

Hutchence had only one daughter, Tiger Lily, with TV celebrity Paula Yates.  Unfortunately tragedy struck twice and Yates died of an overdose just 3 years after Hutchence leaving their daughter to be raised by Yates’ former husband, Bob Geldof.

So far only Australians and British men have been communicating with Galinsky as to their possibility of playing the lead part, with no confirmation as to who it will be.

The film is based on the book ‘Just a Man — The Real Michael Hutchence’’ which was written by Hutchence’s Mother and Sister.  The film is called ‘Two Worlds Colliding’.  The likely release date is yet to be confirmed.

We will keep you all posted as to the developments.