Everyone is hating on Dane Cook but did you see what he achieved?

Dane Cook wins big at Boston concert

Dane Cook is under fire for refusing to stream his comedy performance to help raise money at the Boston Strong benefit concert but he did achieve something quite exceptional.

While a majority of media outlets in the past day have focused on people criticizing his decision to stop streaming his material, The One Fund has clearly benefitted from the exposure.

Thanks to the backlash of Dane Cook’s actions, and his much criticized tweet apologizing for his set not being live, The One Fund have sailed close to $38 million in donations. That sum shows the extraordinary commitment of Americans, and because of the benefit concert, and the subsequent negative publicity surrounding Cook, even more people have been made aware of the cause.

While many will feel cheated that Dane Cook didn’t want his “new material” to be seen yet, his intentions were certainly good, and he took part in a worthy cause. All the artists and performers took the time to make this event a success, and they did. That I think, should be respected above all else.

In my opinion, Cook should have let the live feed go ahead. It was a poor decision, but I don’t think people should be destroying him, because after all, look at the result of his sketch. The One Fund Boston couldn’t be louder, and we’re still talking about it!

Iain Alexander

Founder - Film Industry Network


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