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Ed Burns starring in ‘flambouyant’ life of ice hockey player


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Flambouyant get’s green light

The ‘flambouyant life’ of Derek Sanderson, the former Bruins ice hockey player, is being brought to the big screen. Ed Burns is teaming up with Director Doug Atchinson, Tenth Green Productions and Marlboro Road Gang to tell the story of Sanderson’s multi faceted life.

Sanderson’s rise to fame was well earned due to his remarkable talent, with two Stanley Cup Titles and ultimately signing an incredibly advantageous contract with the Philadelphia Blazers. However, the success lead him down a road of self destruction.

This ‘tragedy vs triumph’ true story reveals the hidden layers of drug addiction, alcoholism and inner battles which haunted the life of a promising ice hockey star. With a focus on the unique, life-saving friendship between Sanderson and sports legend Bobby Orr, this film promises to be a sincere story of the real strength and courage which life demands.

In an interview with Boston Globe, Sanderson said “[Atchison] is the perfect choice for a project like this,” Sanderson said in a statement. “He is unflinching in his retelling of my story and the message it provides. I’m living proof that you can hit rock bottom, climb back out and help others to do the same. ”

The film is titled ‘Turk’, which is how Sanderson’s team, fans and inner circle referred to him.  Filming starts next year in Boston.