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Donald Trump meltdown is a PR catastrophe for his business


Donald Trump supporters shocked

The once influential Donald Trump has totally reversed his image from being the hard-fighting, bold entrepreneur to the desperate fool seeking national attention from pitiful remarks and accusations.

Through Twitter and Youtube, Trump has made many outrageous comments including praising Hurricane Sandy as a good luck charm for the President and releasing a video demanding his college records in exchange for $5 million.

Investors and supporters of the Trump empire must be seriously concerned about his ‘media meltdown’ because this man is the global image of all his businesses.

The word ‘Trump’ is the foundation of Donald Trump’s empire. It will be very hard at this stage to not think of his current composure when seeking to do business with any of his enterprises.

It’s also clear to me that people are embarrassed to even be associated with him at this stage. The massive negative publicity he is getting for his comments are backfiring on an international scale. They are deeply offensive to people on all sides of the political spectrum because they don’t serve any purpose, and we know the status-quo.

Going back to his video demands, if Trump was really going to offer $5 million to charity he would have done so without any hesitation. In fact, in the aftermath of Sandy, he did nothing to help victims of the tragedy. I’d like to point out, that he boasted about how people were having a great time at Trump Tower Atrium while the eye of the storm was wrecking devastation across the New York area. He had absolutely no respect for the 8+ million people that were struggling to get by after Sandy devastated infrastructure and wiped out power across the eastern seaboard.

Trump then went on Youtube again to insult the President for failing to help charities and responding to his demands while he was dealing with a massive disaster.

More recently, Trump released embarassing, hateful post-election tweets that have been re-posted by many leading news organizations. There’s no hiding from this fact, and it’s very sad to see someone with this kind of influence completely fall off their pedestal into a cauldron of fire and hatred.

Donald Trump comments:

“Hurricane is good luck for Obama again – he will buy the election by handing out billions of dollars”

“This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!”

“Barack Obama’s win was a disgusting injustice.”

“The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy,”

“It’s extremely cold in NY & NJ—not good for flood victims. Where is global warming?”