Month: July 2017

Indie Horror Director Releases Third Novel

E. Stuart Marlowe has just published his third novel, a dark comedy called Splatter. The…

‘Ellston Bay’ short film in post-production

Fact Not Fiction Films' ambitious large-format short film ‘Ellston Bay’, directed by Nicholas Eriksson and supported…

‘The Residency’ documentary to have Piccadilly Exhibition

Fact Not Fiction Films documentary ‘The Residency’ to have Piccadilly Exhibition.

‘Everybody Flies’ documentary to tell Captain Tristan Loraine’s story

Fact Not Fiction Films latest documentary ‘Everybody Flies’ to tell Captain Tristan Loraine’s story.

‘Learning to Fly’ – Youngest female to fly with Thunderbirds

Beth Moran becomes youngest female to fly with the USAF Thunderbirds.

Lucy Rayner documentary completes filming

Fact Not Fiction Films Lucy Rayner documentary completes filming.

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