Month: September 2010

2011 Academy Awards Short film competition

Short filmmakers have the opportunity to enter their films for the 2011 Oscars. Discover the…

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to time travel in MIB 3

MIB 3 is set to reunite Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and film director Barry…

Short films at Film Festival are contenders for the 2011 Oscars

10 selected shorts will be watched closely by the Oscars.

Jodie Foster defends Lethal Weapon Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson's longtime friend Jodie Foster has hit out at critics, defending him despite the…

Eminem to return to acting as The Riddler?

Will Eminem play The Riddler when he returns to acting?

Johnny Knoxville documentary Detroit Lives reveals new era

Detroit lives Documentary Documentary film Detroit Lives starring Johnny Knoxville has shown a new creative…

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