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Charlize Theron is starring in a new Viking drama


Charlize Theron joins ‘The Clan’

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron is starring in a new Viking Drama, ‘The Clan’. 

The storyline threads through the time of the Medieval Viking invaders who fought against the Scottish inhabitants. From the 8th to the 15th centuries, the Vikings exerted influence throughout the coastal areas of Ireland and Scotland, and conquered and colonized large parts of England.  There were few parts of Scotland which were not affected by Vikings who even intervened on one side or another in native feuds. It was a truly barbaric time in history, which makes for excellent TV viewing.

Theron will also be an executive producer alongside Terry George (Director of Hotel Rwanda). George will script, direct and executive produce the drama.  Theron’s company Denver and Delilah now has three major television projects, the others include new NBC series ‘Holiday’ and a modernized ‘Hatfield and McCoys’.

Theron is currently filming the new ‘Madmax: Fury Road’ in Namibia and will be joining ‘The Clan’ on completion of the Film.


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