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Why celebrities should not publicly support people sued for sex abuse

This week another lawsuit was thrown at Bryan Singer alleging teenage sexual assault while Britain’s most famous publicist was given an 8-year sentence last Friday for multiple sex offences. Both cases are controversial but they also share the same theme : someone famous with many famous friends is accused of sexual abuses.

On one hand Max Clifford, the seemingly untouchable publicist with a golden reputation amongst the highest circles, was supported by celebrities throughout the trial, but the guilty verdict sent shockwaves as he was handed a brutal sentence. (not exactly what was expected by his supporters). Now there is a public backlash against those that publicly backed him.

While I believe in “innocent until proven guilty”, public figures that support their friends in the open in the face of allegations are taking a massive risk with their reputation if they are seen to ‘support’ potential offenders. This is because we simply don’t know the facts and there will always be two sides to the argument. The reason for this is because of media misinformation. There is a general lack of facts about these cases with people speculating on what’s true and what isn’t, and sometimes that speculation becomes fact even if an individual is found innocent after trial.

Whatever happens to Bryan Singer, and the other executives for that matter is a legal issue that shouldn’t be interfered with by the media. Endorsements and public support campaigns for individuals that face allegations can backfire if they are proven to be guilty and it is in the best interest for all to wait and see.