• Film Networking Event Malibu, CA

    Film Networking Event Malibu, CA

    Ain’t Worth The Paper It’s Written On Contracts can be wonderfully gracious, grating, glorious, and grateful. They can be fantastically positive, possessive, and pessimistic. They can be […]

  • Preparing your film for Production

    Preparing your film for Production

    So, you’ve written your greatest script, or acquired one, and you want to make your movie. You’ve secured financing, and you’re ready to begin the process of breaking down the script..

  • Negotiating a Distribution Deal

    Negotiating a Distribution Deal

    There are several schools of thought when it comes to distribution, whether it’s the traditional platform release, or DIY or partial DIY

  • Perseverance is key

    Perseverance is key

    Breaking the news to him wasn’t easy. Nor was it easy to see him on the Venice Boardwalk, selling jewelry, about a week after we wrapped. You know what he said? “It’s no biggy. Let’s work together again soon.”