Art by Santiago Ribeiro on display at Times Square in New York heads to Coimbra, Portugal

Following the multimedia exhibition of Santiago Ribeiro's art in Times Square, it will now head…

FIN Staff

Can Mafia movies survive in the modern era?

Whilst sci-fi movies like Star Wars: The Last Jedi and comic book action films like…

FIN Staff

Helen Mirren to become your acting teacher

Actress Helen Mirren is about to start teaching acting through her new online course.

Iain Alexander

Indie film Let There Be Light surges past Clooney at the U.S. Box Office

"Let There Be Light" shows how indie filmmakers can compete directly with Hollywood studios and…

Iain Alexander

Samuel L. Jackson to teach next generation of actors his art

Samuel L. Jackson is going to become an online instructor, providing an in-depth course for…

Iain Alexander

Netflix announces suspension of House of Cards production

Netflix has halted the production of "House of Cards" following a statement released by the…

Iain Alexander

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