1st Assistant director gets all the credit at this award show

The film industry doesn’t often put people behind-the-scenes in the spotlight but this time, one man was given all the credit and he’s not a big Hollywood celeb.

1st AD Tommy Gormley was awarded a Scottish BAFTA for his outstanding contribution to film, receiving glowing remarks from Star Wars director J.J. Abrams and actor Simon Pegg.

While Gormley may not have the global stardom of celebs like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, the 1st AD is renowned in the film industry for his work on some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, including Star Wars : The Force Awakens.

Speaking at the BAFTA ceremony, J.J. Abrams gave his AD and good friend two thumbs up saying:

The assistant director’s credits include ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘2012’, ‘The Golden Compass’ and ‘John Carter’.

Iain Alexander

Founder - Film Industry Network


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