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12 reasons why Eric Garner has become a national hero

Eric Garner has become a national hero in the past few days thanks to an incredible sequence of events that has led to an unprecedented movement for change in his honor.

When an NYPD officer tackled Eric Garner to the ground with little warning following his frustration at being constantly targeted and harassed by police, he was put into a chokehold. He died on the spot minutes later, and the incident was captured on film. A Grand Jury convened following the incident, and didn’t indict the NYPD officer that killed him, but the damage had been done.

His death was not in vain. People were shocked and disgusted by what happened, and over the past few days we’ve seen just how strongly his last words, and his final moments have changed people, changed communities, and changed a nation.

These are the 12 reasons why he’s become a hero:

1. He’s brought people together to seek a better future for their country


2. His last 11 words have become internet sensations

3. He’s inspired the biggest names in entertainment to support change


4. There’s now a t-shirt on sale that speaks his message


5. He’s inspired America’s youth to stand up to police aggression

6. President Obama and former President George Bush have acknowledged that his death is wrong

7. He’s united all ethnicities to come together to fight for a better justice system

8. The U.S. has launched a civil rights enquiry to challenge the Grand Jury

9. Politicians like Senator Rand Paul have called for the NYPD officer to never serve again

10. He’s encouraged police officers to stand up against their own


11. NY Mayor Bill de Blasio says the NYPD is going to be retrained to reduce police violence

12. “I can’t Breathe” is now a movement for change in hundreds of cities.

….It won’t be forgotten. Thank you Eric Garner.